Seminar (Numerical aspects of wave phenomena)

Seminar: Numerical aspects of wave phenomena, Summer 2016

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Date and Place

The seminar will take place on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 in the seminar room 3.060.


The corrected handouts can be downloaded here.


08:30 A. Zarth Wohlgestelltheit der akustisten Wellengleichung
  S. Schneider Energieerhaltung und
Konvergenz der semi-diskreten Finite Elemente Methode
  V. Kirsch Perfectly Matched Layer
14:30 C. Carle Discontinuous Galerkin für die Wellengleichung (Teil 1)
  J. Leibold Discontinuous Galerkin für die Wellengleichung (Teil 2)


The entire seminar will be in English.


Participants should be familiar with basic analytical and numerical concepts of partial differential equations (PDE). In particular, knowledge of the finite element method for elliptic PDEs is expected. The seminar is aimed at master students in mathematics attending the lecture “Time integration of PDEs” which takes place in the summer semester 2016.

General informations

  • Length of presentation: roughly 75 minutes plus discussion
  • Important proofs should be explained in detail on the blackboard.
  • Definitions, lemmas, theorems, etc., should be presented with the computer projector
  • A handhout (2 pages) summerizing the presentation should be prepared.
  • Please motivate and explain the results and reasoning.
  • Contact your advisor four weeks before your presentation or earlier. Resolve questions as early as possible and discuss the details your presentation at least one week beforehand.
  • Further guidelines (in German) can be found here.