Seminar(Numerical Functional Analysis)


Seminar: Numerical Functional Analysis



Friday 09:45—11:15, Room 3C-11

General information

2 hours/week, class number 0175200

The seminar will be held as a reading course. The participants are required to read the assigned sections before the next seminar. For each class, one participant is responsible to explain the material in detail.



No Date Topic Responsible
1 6.5 Analytic and geometric forms of the Hahn-Banach theorem
(Sections 1.1 and 1.2)
Abdullah Demirel
2 13.5. Hahn-Banach, second geometric form, bidual, conjugate convex functions (until p. 13 before Theorem 1.11) Bilal Haddou-Temsamani
3 20.5. Fenchel-Moreau Theorem 1.12, exercises and examples Tomislav Pazur
4 27.5. Chapter 1, exercises and examples Tomislav Pazur
5 3.6. Baire category theorem, uniform boundedness principle, open mapping theorem (Sections 2.1–2.3) Tanja Göckler
6 10.6. Complementary subspaces, orthogonality revisited, unbounded operators (Sections 2.4–2.5) Julia Schweitzer
7 8.7. Unbounded linear operators (Sections 2.6–2.7) Anke Wortmann
8 tba Chapter 2, exercises and examples