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A strategic game of mathematics - a mathematical game of strategy!

Fellow Bulbmaniacs!

First of all, Bulbmania isn't just any old run-of-the-mill computer game: depending on how you want to see it, it can either be a strategy game involving math or a math game that requires strategy! You could theoretically play Bulbmania simply with a piece of paper and a pencil, but we tend to think it's a lot more fun on a computer. And while playing, don't forget how important math is for this game!

The goal is simple: get all the light bulbs to turn on!

Clicking on a light bulb changes its state, meaning that light bulbs that are on are turned off and vice versa. The hard part is that light bulbs on either side of the one you click on will be turned on or off, too (Classic Bulbmania). In the Stefan Problem, the two light bulbs on the left and the two light bulbs on the right even change!

For skilled Bulbmaniacs, the challenge is getting all the bulbs to light up as quickly and with as few clicks as possible.

The current version of Bulbmania can be downloaded here for free. The following versions are available:

MATLAB 7: bulbmania.p (49 kB)
Windows XP standalone executable: bulbmania_v05_win.zip (106 MB)
Linux (32 und 64 Bit) standalone executable: bulbmania_v05_lin.tgz (100 MB)

You may also play online the inverted Bulbmania game.
Windows XP installation:
Step 1: unzip bulbmania_v05_win.zip
Step 2: adjust the path in the file play_bulbmania.bat to your system.
Step 3: run the file play_bulbmania.bat

If your computer doesn't have a sound card, replace bulbmania.exe in play_bulbmania.bat by
bulbmania.exe nosound
The German version can be started by
bulbmania.exe deutsch
bulbmania.exe deutsch nosound

Linux installation (32 und 64 Bit):
Step 1: unzip bulbmania_v05_lin.tgz
Step 2: adjust the path in line 4 in the file play_bulbmania to your system.
Schritt 3: run ./play_bulbmania

Simply modify the correct line in the file play_bulbmania if you're using a computer without a sound card or if you want to run the German version.

Matlab 7 installation:
If you're using Matlab 7, simply enter one of the following commands:

Jörg and Jörg , the creators of Bulbmania, would love to hear your comments and suggestions. You can enter the guestbook by clicking here.

Here are some pictures from Bulbmania. You can choose from either Classic Bulbmania (where three light bulbs change their states) or the Stefan Problem (where five light bulbs change).

Bulbmania has nine levels: level one is for beginners, and level nine is for true Bulbmaniacs.

The starting setup is different for each game. The higher the level is, the less clicks you'll need to get all the light bulbs to turn on, and the faster you can do it, the more points you'll get.

This website has been translated and is maintained by Jacquelyn R. Deal and Jörg-M. Sautter.
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Last modification 21.09.2010